Interesting Sleep Facts

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) had conducted their research in six different countries i.e. United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Subjects were people of age groups between 25yrs to 55yrs of age. (1)

Here are few interesting facts found by them-

1. It’s the United States and Japan that got least amount of sleep compared to other countries.
2. Its only the less than half of people from each country sleep well every night.
3. United States seems to be broader minded, amongst all the countries, in United States one-third of population sleeps almost naked.
4. One fourth of respondents never slept or rarely slept well before workday.
5. In Mexico, 82% people believe in keeping bedroom tidy.
6. Pillows are the most important element needed to sleep, believe people of US, where as in Japan people don’t think the same.
7. The most important things to get a romantic feel are comfortable sleeping surface, cozy bed sheets and bedding sets.
8. Most common thing that makes to feel comfortable are bedroom scents.
9. The most common activity people do before sleep, is watch TV.
10. In US, people are more likely to sleep with their pet.
11. Over 86% people believe that to get a good and comfortable sleep, quietness is the key.

Here are few study reports from India- (2)

1. Sleep problems are discussed by only 2% of Indians with their physicians.
2. In India 33% of people snore and 14% people snore louder than the voice they talk.
3. In India 93% people lack sleep.
4. 11% of Indians take a leave because of sleep deprivation.
5. 58% Indians believe that they can’t work well because they haven’t slept well.
6. 72% people in India wake up to 3 times a night.
7. 19% of Indians believe that sleep deprivation affects their relationships
8. Lack of sleep is the reason for health issues, believe 82% Indians
9. 11% Indians fall asleep at work, 38% Indians have noticed that co worker fallen asleep during work hours.

People all over the world face sleep problems in some or the other ways, one of the reasons might be that they don’t think sleep is the basic need, they consider sleep as luxury need, where as lack of sleep affects your body too.
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