Sleep makes the brain healthy

If you don’t think that sleep is important, you might be at great risk of poor health. Less sleep has dangerous effects on your brain, not only because it makes you feel sleepy while you are awake, but also adds many more health issues to your brain. Sleeplessness has been linked to memory loss, forgetfulness, hallucinations and much more (1) (2)

This is how sleep helps your brain stay healthy.

1. Sleeping helps your brain clear toxins.

You might think that when you sleep, your brain sleeps too, but no, when you are asleep, your brain is still awake and active more than day time, and clears the harmful toxins from your brain that has built up during its awake hours. (3)

2. Prevents brain damage.

Sleep prevents your brain from damage as loss of sleep leads to brain damage and this damage can be irreversible or permanent. Sleeplessness can affect the nerves that are important for alertness and is also linked with shrinkage in brain’s volume. (4) (5) (6)

3. Cement Memories

Sleep helps your brain to remember the memories you created in your life. Sleep helps your brain solidify your thoughts that you have created throughout the day. Sleep also helps your brain to connect new information to your older thoughts. This is how whenever you get a new idea about anything, you add new plans to it and succeed. (7) (8)

4. Practice your learning

Studies show that sleep helps your brain practice what you have learnt during the day at school or at your activity classes. Sleep makes your brain practice your skills. (9)

5. Makes your brain creative

When you lack sleep, your brain is exhausted and feels difficulty in thinking new things. Proper sleep helps your brain think more creatively and instantly. (10)

Good sleep has various benefits on your brain and your overall health.
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