Sleeping Positions: Choose the Right Mattress

During childhood you were comfortable sleeping in any position. But when you be a parent is also when you get sleep deprived and find yourself drowsing off. And after the long tiring day at work, you feel the need to rest and sleep. But, did you buy the mattress just because there was discounts on it, or heard good reviews about it? And when you find that the mattress didn’t give you the desired results is when you regret about it. Not anymore, choose your comfortable sleeping position and find the mattress that gives you most comfortable sleep and regret less buy.
Although there are eight recognized sleeping positions, they are grouped into three categories: side, stomach, and back. There was this point where experts argued that lying on your back is the perfect position, but this theory was proved false since choice and comfort varies from individual to individual.

1. Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is the most common position to sleep. And most side sleepers sleep in fetal position curled in towards the body and spine gently curved. To allow your body to sink into the mattress, a softer and thicker comfort layer is needed. If you are the one amongst the side sleepers, you will need a mattress that takes your body’s curve shape with perfect semi stiffness like the one we have at Recron, Breathable mattress surface that allows for uninterrupted sleep.

2. Back Sleeping

When you sleep on your back with arms around pillow is best position to sleep and doctors always recommend you this position to sleep, (1) even parents always put their kids to sleep in this position and same legacy can be passed on. The problem is that few people find this position uncomfortable, one of the main reason might be that they use poor quality or age old mattress. You can check and understand that your mattress is perfectly well when the movement of other person lying next to you doesn’t disturb you. If you get disturbed, then yes, your mattress needs to be changed. Back is the important part of your body that needs to be supported during your sleep. We at Recron, think about your comfort needs and our mattresses give you same comfort and ensure you get the most refreshing sleep

3. Stomach Sleeping

The real benefit from sleeping in this position is that it helps you stop snoring, otherwise there are list of disadvantages this position gives you. (2) But if you this that this way of sleeping makes it comfortable for you to sleep then using a good quality and suitable mattress is recommended. At Recron, we have mattress that go along with comforting your sleep.

4. Combination Sleeping

If you are feeling that you don’t fall in any of the above mentioned category then you are amongst majority. You are a combination sleeper, At Recron, we have various types of mattresses that will give you comfort in all the positions you sleep, giving you the feel of sleeping in the lap of luxury.